A brief review of Mom Water

Have you ever wanted to know what marketing tastes like? Grab a box of Mom Water for your next party. Your guests will love the eye-catching pastels and the delightful schtick of flavors named for women of a certain age:

  • Sandy, or Coconut Melon, which finishes like a a melted coconut icee
  • Julie, or Passionfruit, devoid of passion or fruit
  • Karen, or Lemon Blueberry, the wedge in that glass of water you meant to get back to

Each flavor has its own way of announcing, “the party was yesterday.”


From the website’s story of how this beverage came to be:

After becoming a self-declared mixologist, Jill created a drink that was the perfect, all natural, sugar-free mix of tasty and boozy, and it didn’t take long for to become a staple among her (and Bryce’s!) friends.

The copy resembles the product.